Passeio presents COMPRAÇA

On June 17th, Passeio presented the COMPRAÇA. The press conference took place in the facilities of the Public Market of Braga – Praça – and was attended by the coordinators of the project, Helena Pires and Zara Pinto-Coelho, the councillor Olga Pereira, responsible for Municipal Facilities of the city, and Jorge Louro, deputy of the councillor.

During the presentation of the subproject developed by Passeio, with the support of the Municipality of Braga, the role of communication in the transformation of urban space into a lived place, and the participation of each subject in the construction of a common space was highlighted.

Within the scope of the project, the inauguration of the cycle Conversas na Praça (talks in the square) and the exhibition Inutilidades e reciclagem com criatividade (Inutilities and recycling with creativity) were announced.

[Publicado: 28-06-2021]