Passeio: From the Square to the Balcony

Given the current pandemic situation that prevents Passeio from freely observing and recording the daily life of the city’s streets and squares, it has shifted its attention to the dynamics and transformations of social and family life that occur, in particular, on the balconies of the houses. Committed to scrutinizing the daily ‘social isolation’ of families, temporarily confined to the domestic space, Passeio called itself the mission of sharing its vision, supported by the field diary it has collected.

In this context, it is invited to submit proposals for micro-tests to the platform, framed and articulated with the Itinerancy in suspension time project (COVID-19).

We took this opportunity to publicize the first micro-essay on the theme From the Square to the Balcony: Intervals of (in) communicability, produced by Helena Pires, co-coordinator of our Urban Art and Culture Platform.

[Text: Passeio| Posted: 15-04-2020]