Passeio lança o livro Cenas e vistas d’A Brasileira

Passeio – Platform for Urban Art and Culture and one of the intervention projects of the Communication and Society Research Centre – launches, on September 25, at the A Brasileira cafe, the book Cenas e vistas da’ Brasileira.

The publication, which is funded by FCT and supported by the Braga City Council, came after more than a year of immersion of Passeio researchers in the daily life of the café, with notes taken in the field, informal conversations, interviews with regulars, as well as to some of your employees. In its pages, Pedro Seromenho’s illustrations contribute to the richness of the project.

Like other historic cafes, A Brasileira is recognized for being part of the trade with heritage value in Braga. The book reveals the different ways in which those who attend A Brasileira appropriate coffee in their daily lives. This publication seeks to configure itself as an asset for the collective memory and sense of community in the city.

The book will be published, in addition to the physical version, in digital version, to be made available on the project platform.

About Passeio
This is a project that aims to “investigate the multiple manifestations of art and culture in the urban space, covering architecture, decorative arts, outdoor advertising and shop windows, street arts, traditional commerce, graffiti, not forgetting the life stories and memories, the experiences of (and in) everyday life, the ambiences and rhythms of the city, among other layers of meaning that one seeks to observe, contextualize and make visible. A detailed look, from a lateral perspective, focused on the apparent insignificance, the skin and the ears of each corner, the objects to which we are most inattentive, but also (and above all) to the micro-cultures and artistic achievements of small communities, is privileged. in its tacit connection with the global world ”.

[Posted: 11-09-2020]