Peter Golding emphasizes increasing inequalities in accessing to the media

The British sociologist Peter Golding was the guest of the Doctoral Seminar of Communication Sciences and Cultural Studies that was held at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Minho. The professor at the universities of Northumbria and Newcastle highlighted the growth of the digital divide, despite the apparent greater availability of resources.

Although media uses, particularly digital and online, are growing, Peter Golding has highlighted the increasing costs of accessing the media. According to the sociologist, the relative budgetary weight for poor households to access the media is high and does not guarantee quality access to ever-changing media and obsolescence. “In a time when inequalities grow, what does it mean to be a citizen?”, he asked.

Peter Golding presented a paper entitled “Studying the media – some reflections of a sociologist”, pointing out the contributions that some classical concerns of sociology – power, identity, inequality and change – may have for a better understanding of the media and its uses.

The initiative was in charge of CECS and of the Communication Sciences Department.

Pedro Moura