Plataforma Passeio was presented to the community in the 28th edition of the Encontros da Imagem

“The Intermittent city: aesthetic and politics of everyday life” was the name of the round table that served as a motto for the official presentation of the Passeio, the CECS’ Platform for Art and Urban Culture.

The conversation took place in the bookstore Centésima Página last October 6th in the ambit of the 28th edition of the Encontros da Imagem and was attended by the coordinating researchers of Passeio, Maria da Luz Correia and Helena Pires, the Deputy Director of CECS, Rita Ribeiro, and the guests Ricardo Campos, anthropologist and Álvaro Domingues, geographer.

The ambiance was perfect for the presentation of a platform that seeks to cross the academic environment with the city and its passers-by. The space was full of students, academics, tourists and ordinary citizens interested in the discussion generated around the idea of city.

Before starting the conversation, the Passeio team presented a video with examples of some work already completed and where those present could make a virtual visit to the project site.

Ricardo Campos, the first guest to speak, made reference to the name of the platform, noting that “every time we have less time to walk” and that “it is fundamental to walk around the city to get to know”. The anthropologist stressed that it is necessary to “be aware of what the city tells us” and to what “people tell us through the uses that make the city”. In turn, Álvaro Domingues put in discussion the concept of city, problematizing “the city as enclosure”. The geographer believes we are living “a metamorphosis from the city to the urban” and he argues that it has become “problematic how we relate the territory and society”.

During the conversation, which was extended to the members of the audience, the coordinators of the Passeio took advantage of some of the objectives of the platform, presenting the team that constitutes the project and remembering some of the works that are being developed.

Rita Ribeiro, deputy director of the CECS, made her contribution, framing Passeio in the strategic project of the center and explaining the need to build a closer relationship between the University and the non-academic community.

Watch the video where Rita Ribeiro, Maria da Luz Correia and Helena Pires present the Passeio and its main ideas.

[Text published 09-10-2018]