Culture policies, observatories and development

What role can observatories play? How can they contribute to development? Can they be considered as supervisors of a particular sector? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in the next edition of the Permanent Seminar on Communication and Culture Policies, scheduled for September 30 at 16h00.

According to Maria de Fátima Makiuchi, from the University of Brasilia, “the observatories are reference communities, reflections and studies and have been increasingly known and recognised by society for their role in analysis and reflection, as well as reference in the monitoring and supervision of a particular sector or specific themes”. In the specific field of cultural policies, these structures “emerge motivated by the need to accompany the various policies designed by countries, the impacts they generate on the populations and, most importantly, the deepening of democracy and the reduction of social inequalities”.

From the experience of the Observatory of Cultural Public Policies of the University of Brasilia, Fátima Makiuchi will reflect on the challenges that the observatories represent for contemporary development. The purpose of this session, which will take place in Sala de Reuniões of the Institute of Social Sciences, is to discuss the scope of the observatories’ mission and its impact on the implementation of culture promotion policies.

Maria de Fátima Makiuchi was awarded a PhD in 2005 in Sustainable Development by the University of Brasilia. She has been coordinating the Observatory of Cultural Public Policies since 2014. She is the director of the Institute of Physics at the University of Brasilia since 2018 and is part of the teaching staff of the Postgraduate Program in Development, Society and International Cooperation at the Centre for Multidisciplinary Advanced Studies at the University of Brasilia since 2010. Her research interests concerns the following areas: public policy and development (in particular education and culture policies), social participation and collaborative social networks.

The Permanent Seminar on Communication and Culture Policies is an initiative of the Observatory on Communication and Culture Policies. It happens monthly and is open to students and researchers (no registration is required to participate).

This session will be conducted in Portuguese.