“Policies for Audiovisual in Spain: From digital blackout to financial crisis”

The last Permanent Seminar on Communication and Culture Policies of the CECS, held on September 27 in the ICS Sala de Atos, was about “Policies for Audiovisual in Spain: From the digital blackout to the financial crisis”, and was led by María-Jesús Diaz, a professor and researcher at the University of A Coruña (Spain), which is developing, since the beginning of September, a research office in the CECS in the area of communication policies.

María-Jesús Diaz spoke of the research she is carrying out until to the end of October 2017, under the coordination of Helena Sousa, the leader of the Communication Group, Organizations and Social Dynamics, and includes a comparative perspective between Portugal and Spain. In that sense, even she pointed out that the media system responds in both countries to a similar political and social conception, the great difference is that Spain has an audiovisual market of a much larger dimension than the Portuguese market, in addition to having a radically different administrative organization which, from the outset, “determines different decisions and possibilities”.

This seminar aimed to gather contributions to the investigation of María-Jesús Diaz, which happened through the various interventions of the CECS researchers present.

More about María-Jesús Diaz, here

Text e photoVítor de Sousa