POLObs develops study on audiences on the centenary of the Teatro Nacional São João

As part of the centenary of the Teatro Nacional São João, POLObs has been developing, since June 2020, a study with the objective of producing updated, multidimensional, consistent and sustained knowledge of TNSJ audiences.

In addition to presenting the profile of the audiences that an investigation of this nature implies, the project integrates an analysis dimension centred on higher education academic communities in the Northern region of Portugal (as potential natural publics of the TNSJ) and a third dimension related to the communication strategy of the TNSJ (seeking to identify some of its impacts for dialogue, involvement, loyalty, attracting and training audiences).

Among the different data collection instruments, we highlight the online questionnaire survey, which has been available for completion since August 1, 2020.

More information about the project can be found here.

[Posted: 04-08-2020]