POLObs: Projetos culturais e a Agenda 2030

POLObs – CECS Communication and Culture Policy Observatory – has been developing, since December 2019, the study “Culture and Development: Cultural Projects and the 2030 Agenda” to identify, characterize and map developed cultural projects with the 2030 Agenda framework.

On April 30, 2020, the first phase of the study was concluded, within the scope of which it was possible to identify 278 cultural projects promoted by Portuguese cultural institutions. The analysis of the projects, which are summarized in the Working report # 2 POLObs, reveals some imbalances worth noting: 84.5% of the projects are from the North region; 68.5% is aimed at individuals aged 18 years or less; 63.3% are covered by ODS4; 34.2% are in the field of Performing Arts; 30.6% have the function of Education, and 30.9% of the entities were unable to identify the Agenda 2030 target for which the projects are competing.

The second phase of phase 1 of the study will end in June 2020 and in July an update will be made to the data now presented.

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[Posted: 26-05-2020]