Antena Aberta program live from UMinho

Antena 1, CECS and the Sopcom Radio and Sound Media Working Group mark World Radio Day with a special broadcast from the Antema Aberta program, live from the University of Minho’s Gualtar campus. On February 13, between 11 am and 12 pm, the public radio microphones will give a voice to students and the academic community.

Since 2020 is the International Year of Sound, the proposal for this special broadcast, conducted by journalist António Jorge, is to promote the debate on the relevance of sound communication. What does it matter what we hear? How can sound represent diversity? What place does radio have in our lives? Are we losing the ability to listen or not? These are some questions that open the antenna, from Auditorium B1 of CP2 to the academy in Minho. Admission is free.

World Radio Day was created by Unesco in 2011. This year, diversity is the theme that marks the date.

[Published: 05-02-2020]