Projection of the film Rupa’s Boutique’s

On March 9, the CECS joined the Working Groups on Intercultural Communication, Film and Gender Studies and Sexualities of the Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences (Sopcom) in the projection of the film Rupa’s Boutique (2017), by Glória Halász, within the scope of the Porto Femme International Film Festival activities. The film Catarse, by Maria Miel, was also designed, provoking the discussion of two works that cross the themes addressed: gender violence in diverse cultures.

A day after International Women’s Day, Ana Catarina Pereira (UBI), Sheila Khan (CECS) and Carla Cerqueira (CECS) gathered in the auditorium of the Casa do Professor in Braga to comment on the film that presents the testimonies of several Indian women victims of acid attacks. However devastating the physical and psychological marks left on these women, Rupa’s Boutique highlights the bravery and perseverance of the survivors who pursue their dreams.

Soon after the projection of Glória Halász’s film, there was also a moment dedicated to the presentation of the film Catarse, by Maria Miel, who also participated in the debate. The film features the testimony of two women victims of rape.

During the session, participants sought not only to discuss acid attacks in India but also to analyze the current Portuguese context, noting that gender violence is a reality today.

[Posted: 11-03-2019]