bYou project organises seminar on July 12

“Children, youth, and media: the right to expression and participation” is the title of the online seminar that will be held by the bYou research project, on July 12, at 2:30 pm. Registration can be made until July 10 here.

The guest speakers at the bYou seminar are Sara Pereira, lead researcher of the project, Manuel Sarmento, from the Institute of Education at the University of Minho, and Amélia Pinto Carneiro, representing the National Commission for the Promotion of Rights and Protection of Children and Young People.

Running since 29 March 2021, bYou aims to know and discuss the practices of young people with the media while giving space for the younger ones to make their voices heard.It combines quantitative and qualitative, traditional and participative methodologies to recognise children and young people as social actors and agents of change. Thus, the project seeks to know who these young people are and what they do (be you, in one of the two readings to which the title refers) but also wants to welcome the participation of young people, in their own terms – by you, in the second sense to which the title refers.

bYou funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (PTDC/COM-OUT/3004/2020), has been one of the four winning projects of the contest promoted in 2020 in the field of Media and Communication. It is an investigation of the Communication and Society Research Centre and MILObs, the Observatory on Media, Information, and Literacy of the CECS. Learn more about the project here.

[Posted: 22-06-2022]