CONCILIARE | Confidetly Changing Colonial Heritage

CONCILIARE aims to analyse public perceptions of cultural heritage and proposes to develop studies on how citizens adhere to, confront or contest ongoing transformations.

The CECS team coordinates the “Cocreation and dissemination of inclusive decolonial narratives” task. This task aims to foster a co-creation process of decolonial narratives in different European cities, namely through public art projects developed in articulation with diverse associations. The impacts of such actions will be analysed through interviews with different audiences and focus groups in schools.

Principal Investigator (CECS): Rosa Cabecinhas

CECS researchers: Isabel Macedo, Sheila Khan and Nicolleta Mandolini

Main R&D unit: University of Coimbra

Period of operation: January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2026