Study of the Bugiada and Mouriscada Festivity in Sobrado (Valongo)

Communication and Society Research Centre coordinates this project, which intends to study the Bugiada and Mouriscada Festivity in Sobrado (Valongo), a Portuguese village that celebrates this event every year on 24th June. Integrating a network combining Casa do Bugio, Valongo Municipality and Campo e Sobrado civil parishes, this project aims to study, take part and disseminate all the pertinent information of these festivities, examining masks, religious framework, etc.

As an important ritual, there is a aesthetic and symbolical approach in this truly civic movement, also as a decisive strategy to represent the identity of Sobrado, in a long-term tradition in this location. The research team intends to promote this festivity to the National Cultural Heritage, as a solid outcome for a future application to the UNESCO Immaterial Cultural Heritage.

For the first year of activity, this research has a total budget of 29.100 euros.

Research team: Rita Ribeiro (coordinator).

Execution period: 2016-2017.