Respiro – Projeto de investigação e apoio aos trabalhadores de saúde na pandemia: (co)movendo a vida entre (ultra)penosidades e (re)existências

Research and support project for health workers that sheds light on the difficulties, the possibilities of reconstructing the ways of being in life and at work and the new agencies and their meanings in the way of operating work in the pandemic and the post-pandemic.

It aims to analyze the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic on the work and life of workers working in the basic care and hospital care of the Unified Health System in Brazil and its signs in Canada, Portugal and Latin American countries.

Monica Vieira – LATEPS / EPSJV
Eliane Vianna -CSEGSF / ENSP

30 researchers from different FIOCRUZ units: EPSJV laboratories (Labform, Lateps, Laborat, Lavsa, Latec, Labgestão), ENSP departments (CSEGSF, CESTEH, DAPS, DIHS), professionals from the Occupational Health Coordination / COGEPE and INI, undergraduate interns, in addition to graduate students and technical support staff and administrative.

It has external, national and international partners recognized in the project’s themes.

CECS is part of this project, through the participation of researcher Ana Paula Marques.