Next MilObs seminar discusses the Public Service concession contract

The next MilObs seminar, scheduled for 26 May afternoon, will debate the theme “A public media service for the next decade – the perspective of children, education and media literacy”.

This edition aims to participate in the debate of the new Public Service Concession Contract for Radio and Television, whose public consultation is open until next 31st.

For the first time, this document defining the guidelines for the future of the public service expressly highlights the responsibilities that RTP should assume regarding literacies and, in particular, media literacy.

In fact, the development of media literacy becomes one of the objectives of the public radio and television service, translated into an action plan. On the other hand, there will be a channel (programme service) dedicated to knowledge, with the objective of promoting literacy, satisfying the informative, educational and training needs of children and young people, as well as senior citizens.

The revised draft Concession Agreement is available for consultation at this link. All citizens are invited to give their contribution by emailing

The open seminar that MILObs is organising on the 26th aims to broaden the participation of researchers, teachers and educators, parents and family associations and other interested parties, in order to provide the Ministry of Culture with a well-founded document of analysis and suggestions.

The seminar is free but requires prior registration on the MILObs.

[Posted: 20-05-2021]