eBook “Os postais ilustrados na vida da comunidade”

The eBook Os postais ilustrados na vida da comunidade [The illustrated postcards on community life]  is now published. This book is edited by Moisés de Lemos Martins.

Based on a previous research project funded by FCT “Os postais ilustrados: para uma sócio-semiótica da imagem e do imaginário” (PTDC/CCI/72770/2006), this publication “illustrates part of the work developed throughout the years, as well as the established research networks and the dynamics consolidated by the project within society”. The editor also points out that “this eBook explores the relationship between the illustrated postcards and the human communities, collectors, librarians, artists, cybernauts, researchers and users. This popular medium of the 20th century, which has been successively adapted to the media context, the visual panorama and to the social environment of the contemporary society, is structured in three thematic groups: “Time and narrative in illustrated postcard”, “Techniques and aesthetics of illustrated postcard” and “From postcard uses to archive” –The eBook Os postais ilustrados na vida da comunidade shows the actual impact of this medium on the daily lives of the populations”. [back cover]

Free access to the eBook here