eBook “Teias da rádio: ensaios e reflexões sobre as políticas do setor”

The eBook Teias da rádio: ensaios e reflexões sobre as políticas do setor [Radio webs: essays and reflections on industry policies] of the author Pedro Costa is now published.

In this book the proposal is to board the know-know, gathering the perspective of know-how. In a first approach, a case study, the result of a master’s thesis, discusses the effects that the Radio Law, revised in 2010, provoked on the radio operators and their respective radio content. In a kind of complement to this analysis, I present a chapter where I make a reading of data emanating from the performance of the Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social (ERC) [Regulatory Entity for Social Communication] in 2016, which raise to conclusions about the evolution of the sector over a longer period of time.
Finally, from a large list of protagonists and thinkers of radio in Portugal, I have chosen a heterogeneous group of 10 personalities – which I considered the most appropriate to this approach – to open the understanding of the radio to an empirical view based on the experiences, even if some are more academic and others with a more functional profile.
As a result, I think I have succeeded in producing another web, which will generate new reflections in the future, in this unstoppable process of interpretation. Along the way, we will continue to enjoy this form of communication that has already marked a place in the history of the worlds”. [Opening note]