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A Comunicação Organizacional e os desafios tecnológicos: estudos sobre a influência tecnológica nos processos de comunicação nas organizações

Teresa Ruão, Ronaldo Neves & José Zilmar

2017 | CECS - UMinho


“In a joint initiative that sought to establish an academic relationship of many years, the Grupo de Pesquisa de Estudos Avançados de Comunicação Organizacional [Research Group for Advanced Studies in Organizational Communication] (ECO) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, and the  Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) of the University of Minho, Portugal, have decided to move forward with a publication aimed at promote the production and dissemination of scientific thinking on Organizational and Strategic Communication, highlighting the changes that have occurred in the area by introducing new communication and information technologies, from the 1990s. A thematic approach that the Organizational Communication declined to undertake in depth until more recent years, when it became imperative to recognize that technology had brought deeper changes than mere media and channel innovation. Technological influence has indeed had repercussions far beyond the metaphor of “conduct” (Putnam, Philips & Chapman, 1996), which does not seem to leave the field, and has reached the heart of the theory of Organizational Communication, the profession of communicator or public relations, teaching in the field and specialized research”. [Introductory note]