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A organização comunicativa: teoria e prática em Comunicação Organizacional

Teresa Ruão

2016 | Braga: CECS

ISBN:978-989-8600-56-1 (ebook) / 978-989-8600-57-8 (impresso)

About the book

The book A Organização Comunicativa: teoria e prática em Comunicação Organizacional intends to analyze the way communication happens in organizations – as well as the way in which it has been studied, in particular, by the researchers of the Communication Sciences -, from its combination with two phenomena that are part of the expressive side of companies / institutions: culture and image. That is, in the core of this work is a look at the expressive side of organizations, or their communicative and symbolic dimension. There are four objectives for this book: (a) to demonstrate the value of the communicative approach of organizations; (B) to revisite the conceptual foundations of Organizational Communication; (C) to encourage researchers to look at Organizational Communication through new theoretical lenses; and (d) to articulate the different communicative perspectives on the organizations, on the process of organizing and on the organizational expressiveness in the interest of the scholars of the specialty. It is the publication of part of the theoretical framework of the doctoral thesis in Communication Sciences that the author defended in 2008 about Communicative Organization.