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Arte, Políticas e Práticas. V Jornadas Doutorais Comunicação e Estudos Culturais

Zara Pinto-Coelho, Teresa Ruão & Nelson Zagalo

2017 | CECS-UMinho


The V Jornadas Doutorais in Communication and Cultural Studies, organized by the Center for Communication and Society Studies (CECS) of the University of Minho, took place on October 27 and 28, 2016, at the campus of Gualtar, Braga.
The Jornadas call for doctoral and postdoctoral students in Communication and Cultural Studies to share experiences, questions, advances or results related to their projects, articulated with the research areas developed at CECS, namely Media and Journalism, Cultural Studies and Communication, Organizations and Social Dynamics.
Through the organization of the Conferences, the CECS aims to give visibility and strengthen the research work developed in the fields of Communication Sciences and Cultural Studies, to provide spaces for dialogue and debate, to enable an exchange of experiences and constructive critical evaluation.
As in past editions, the V Jornadas brought together a wide range of students, PhDs and postdocs from Portuguese, Spanish and Brazilian universities. We now publish in the ebook the full text of 13 of the 44 communications that were presented and discussed during the fifth edition of the Conference.