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Transnational Criminal Cases. Media Narratives on the Use of DNA Technologies

Marta Martins

2021 | Húmus


This book aims to analyse how the media reports on transnational criminal cases involving the use of DNA technologies and also explores how the circulation of these media narratives are interpreted and perceived by forensic experts who are involved in police and judicial cooperation in the European Union. This work integrates an important innovative study, as it brings together a reflection and dialogue on two realities – the media and forensic experts. The empirical innovation of this study contributes to filling a scientific void, in Portugal, since studies of this type in the context of the European Union are non-existent. There are investigations of this weight, in Portugal (see Santos, 2015 and Machado & Santos, 2009, 2010, 2011), however, there is a gap in the literature about the integration of the analysis of a European context. We thus seek to contribute, enrich and complete this field of analysis through a phased methodological approach.