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Cibercultura: circum-navegações em redes transculturais de conhecimento, arquivos e pensamento

Helena Pires, Manuel Curado, Fábio Ribeiro & Pedro Andrade

2017 | Edições Húmus, Lda.


“Cyberculture, circum-navigation in transcultural networks of knowledge, archives and thought is a publication that counts on valuable contributions by researchers enrolled in a wide range of disciplinary areas, from philosophy, aesthetics, digital art, sociology, urban culture, communication sciences, media studies, social and cultural anthropology, multimedia, computer science, computer science, literature, design, computer graphics, neurosciences, among others. In this same meeting, new possibilities for future research were made, persistent problems were discussed, concerted efforts were made in an attempt to the understanding of the more complex phenomena, but also of those of a more prosaic and apparently banal nature, concerning in our relationship with contemporary technologies. How do our actions, and especially our being, constitute the connections? When does the transition from fusion to non-organic? Is our sense of the human being at risk of explosion? How can one apprehend the organicity of network (re) productions, taking into account multiple cultures, at the same time as the effects of resonance between them? What are the conditions and criteria for the determination of meaning? What do we think today? How do we think and think? How is our feeling more and more prosthetic, distended over the most varied and unpredictable aesthetic modalities? What bodies today offer the possibility of living? What does it mean to be a place today?
These, like so many other concerns, accompany the texts that are juxtaposed in this publication. Some of them question us through essayistic, reflexive and critical exercises. Others challenge us by sharing innovative empirical research. In one way or another, a tense atmosphere is expressed, expressed in a certain sense of urgency, but also in a deep expectation … “[back cover]