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Comunicação e Política: tempos, contextos e desafios

Ana Moreira, Emília Araújo & Helena Sousa

2017 | CECS-UMinho


We live in complex times, marked by acceleration and speed. These are times marked by great instabilities, in particular with respect to principles that we are accustomed to assuming as fundamental. The relationship between time, politics and the media is one of the subjects most focused on the set of texts that we gather for this work. The issues they face relate to a wide range of issues that need to be addressed in the deconstruction of the forms and media content of politics, men and women of politics and the democratic quality of performance. Corruption, electoral campaigns, politicians’ attitude towards the media, as well as the power of the media in the construction of representations about politics are themes addressed in the various texts that are based in general on empirical research conducted in various contexts.