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Crianças, Jovens e Media na Era Digital: Consumidores e Produtores?

Sara Pereira

2021 | UMinho Editora/CECS

ISBN:impresso: 978-989-8974-43-3 | digital: 978-989-8974-44-0

In the digital age, children and young people play an active role in their relationship with the media, and the image of passive, helpless consumers is almost a thing of the past. Given the possibilities and opportunities for interaction and participation that digital media have brought, the younger public are seen — sometimes extolled — as both consumers and content producers, being dubbed as prosumers or produsers. This book aims to critically discuss these concepts and disrupt the deterministic approach that takes participation as ensured only by access to media. This discussion is underpinned by the distinction between “small acts of engagement” and participatory culture. Based on several empirical studies, this book shows that children and young people’s media practices are geared more towards consumption than production. The means of participation do not always rely on principles of expression and citizenship. The idea of a rich and diverse media environment with demanding, critical and participatory publics suggests that media literacy is a fundamental competence for the 21st century and a right for all children and young people.