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The political and discursive power of images of feminist protests

Zara Pinto-Coelho, Ana Maria Brandão & Silvana Mota-Ribeiro

2021 | CECS - UMinho

ISBN:Impresso: 978-989-8600-99-8 | Digital: 978-989-8600-98-1

This work brings together a set of case studies that deal with the visual images of protest and resistance actions by women and feminists, in different socio-cultural contexts, historical moments and geographies. Coming from different disciplinary fields (Visual Arts and Literature, Communication and Culture, Aesthetics and Education), the authors highlight that the dialogues that the images establish with discourses, imaginaries, collective memories or regimes of visuality are fundamental for the understanding of the different meanings that protest imagery acquires in particular contexts and for the significance it has for protest collectives. By highlighting how visual images operate to change those who protest and, in general, to make the movements move, this volume contributes to enrich knowledge about an area still little explored in Sociology and Communication, generally more interested in studying the resonance of protests in the media sphere and in social networks. Research in these areas tends to be still dominated by an interest in framing processes, even when the material explored is of a visual or multimodal nature. Simultaneously, by focusing on understudied or marginal forms of expression of feminist visual cultures, bringing to the discussion knowledge produced by the Anthropology of the Image, Visual Culture, Art History and Literature, it launches clues that aim to contribute to decentring the analysis and exploring cultural and artistic production there where it seems not to be.