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Listen. Feel. Save – Proceedings of the 1st Audire Online Meeting

Madalena Oliveira, Alberto Sá & Pedro Portela

2020 | CECS - UMinho


With half a hundred participants, from Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Mozambique, the meeting “Listen, feel and keep” counted, at first, with the participation of Pedro Félix, coordinator of the installation team of the National Sound Archive, Raquel Castro, a researcher at CICANT (Lusophone University of Technologies and Humanities), Rui Dias, composer, multimedia artist and professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, and Alexandrina Guerreiro, sound designer. In four parallel sessions, the program also included the presentation of two dozen works on narratives, rituals, cultural practices, landscapes, memories and sound sensations. Part of this work is gathered in this volume. Subsequent to peer review, the following texts establish the memory of the debates held in the virtual room. Although grouped into three sections, these brief articles reflect a diversity of views on the relevance of listening and sound environments, marked, on the other hand, by the expressive heterogeneity of the Portuguese and Brazilian variants of Portuguese, to which are added two texts in Castilian.