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Cultural Studies, citizenship and democracy

Moisés de Lemos Martins, Urbano Sidoncha & Messias Bandeira

4(2), 2017 | CECS - UMinho

ISSN:e-ISSN: 2183-0886 // ISSN: 2184-0458

“This issue of the Revista Lusófona de Estudos Culturais / Lusophone Journal of Cultural Studies aims to reflect on how individuals are constituted and emerge in the media, as talking subjects and social actors, with a special focus on asymmetries and inequalities in distribution of the right to make one’s voice heard. Some of the topics addressed and furthered herein include social and political movements, digital activism, and mobilisation of the media and cultural networks, in the struggle for social, cultural, political and economic rights, and the power that such networks can exert in modern society, thereby contributing to social and political change”. [Introductory note]