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Photography and Gender

Maria da Luz Correia & Carla Cerqueira

vol. 32 - 2017 | CECS-UMinho

ISSN:2183-3575 (online) / ISSN 1645-2089 (print)

“This special issue of the journal Comunicação e Sociedade departed from our desire of intersecting knowledges and exchanging looks, proposing a meeting on the border-crossing between photography studies and gender studies. In other words, our willingness to consider photography and gender extended a need to think the gaze politically, from the field of communication sciences. In this context, our intent was to consider the network of asymmetries – gender, but also ethnicity, age, geography, culture and society, among others – as well as the complex bundle of ways of doing and undoing gender, which permeate the everyday circulation of images, and finally, that cross the media discourses and the artistic figurations of our contemporary visual culture” [Introductory note]