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History of Laughter

Abílio Almeida

2022 | Editora Guerra & Paz


In this book, Abílio Almeida tells the History of Laughter from Classical Antiquity to the present day. From Plato to Nietzsche, reaching the current forms of mass communication, this publication poses disturbing and seductive questions, namely:

Did Christ never laugh, or did Christ laugh after all? Is laughter, as Nietzsche suggested, a thing of the wise? Is “suit, tie and frowny face” the contemporary mirror of the Platonic ideal? And is laughter a “sin”?

Abílio Almeida takes us through the emotional climates, from fear to sadness, from anger to joy, that laughter goes through. From cinema to radio, from television to the Internet, we travel with the author to the various forms and mechanics that laughter assumes.

Is laughter a medicine? And, in this time of total democratization of laughter, is the more one laughs, the better?