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Jornalismo radiofónico

João Paulo Meneses

2016 | CECS-UMinho


Although with a very pragmatic character, radio journalism is a book as practical as theoretical. It reflects the concern to develop, in several aspects, an idea regarding the specificity of the radio communication, placing the journalism in the reception characteristics of the environment itself. That is why the chapter on “noise” is one of the most developed and reworked in this work that takes up, with pedagogical sense, a substantive part of Everything that happens in the TSF. For a style book, published by the author in 2003.
The profound changes that have occurred in recent years in the field of communication have not changed radio journalism, but have changed (at least partially) the author, which is why, comparing the two works, the reader will find a less definitive and absolute style in this volume. Dedicated to stimulating reflection on radio journalism itself, this book is directed especially to those who study radio.