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Jornalista, Profissão Ameaçada

Felisbela Lopes

2015 | Lisboa: Alêtheia Editores


Today the profession of a journalist is on the ground: by a criticism at times of the independence of the newsrooms; by hegemonic sources who want to assault the media space; by legal cadres who have forsaken the journalist in his search for information. How to document the testimonials that ask 100 Portuguese journalists. This is the first time that a book brings together many and the most important testimonials. This context, while citizens, we have to charge of the public site the radicals that are generally violated. This debate is urgently needed. However, an hour is not for feverish speeches, but for looking ahead as difficulties, facing them as an opportunity to institute a new phase in the profession. This job, we enunciate some problems that affect a profession and point alternative ways, breaking the journalists into processes of restarting news and reinventing itself as professionals. So that journalism has a future.