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Literacia, Media e Cidadania – Livro de Atas do 3º Congresso

Sara Pereira & Margarida Toscano (Eds.)

2015 | Braga: CECS


The third edition of the Congress on Literacy, Media and Citizenship (LMC) took place on April 17 and 18, 2015, in Lisbon, in the Pavilion of Knowledge. Organized by the GILM – Informal Group on Media Literacy, the event, which was attended by about 250 professionals, had as its central theme the theme “Media Literacy and Critical Readings of the World”. During two days of work, we tried to promote a critical reflection on the current situation and the world, and the way the media represent it, with the objective of learning to look at and to read critically the screens and the messages and texts that they produce, how citizens use them, how they appropriate them, and how they produce and share information. These and other related topics were presented and discussed in 4 plenary sessions, 16 free communications sessions and 4 workshops, accompanied by a display of patented projects, products and services in the Pavilion lobby.