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Lusofonia e interculturalidade. Promessa e travessia

Moisés de Lemos Martins (Coord.)

2015 | Famalicão: Húmus


“Lusophone and Interculturality, Promise and Crossing” discusses the Portuguese-speaking question in three main aspects. In the current context of globalization, which is an eminently economic and financial reality, commanded by information technologies, this work questions the meaning of narratives (literary and media, as well as narratives of life stories) about the construction of a community transcontinental and lusophone transcontinental. It also questions the policies of language and communication as a symbolic struggle for the affirmation of a plural community in the diversity of Portuguese-speaking peoples and cultures. He also questions the complexity of the interpenetration movement of cultures, which, with varying degrees of understanding of colonialism, neocolonialism, and postcolonialism, in the relationship between peoples translates the encounter, assimilation and domination in the interaction between us and the other.