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Marcas e identidades. Guia da concepção e gestão das marcas comerciais

Teresa Ruão

2ª edição | 2017 | Edições Húmus, Lda.


“This publication examines one of the most current marketing themes of our days: brand identity strategies based on the principles of interaction, relationship and emotion.
In increasingly abundant and informed markets, companies consider that it is essential to increase proximity with the consumer aiming at the limit to create “lifelong customers”. To achieve such a result, marketing advocates that the development of relationships of complicity and affection in a complicated anthropomorphic game, demonstrating studies in the field of relationship marketing that can draw economic benefits from establishing close relationships with consumers. And in the development of such a strategy, the concept of brand identity emerges as a dimension that integrates and projects the values ​​of the relationship.
The case of the brand Vista Alegre is a national example and precursor to the use of this strategy. The integration of national historical values ​​in the core of the brand’s identity, during its almost 200 years of existence, allowed the development of a relationship of affection and intimacy between Portuguese consumers and Vista Alegre. And that was critical to the success of the brand “[back cover]