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Níveis de Literacia Mediática: Estudo Exploratório com Jovens do 12º ano

Sara Pereira, Manuel Pinto & Pedro Moura

2015 | Braga: CECS (edição apoiada pelo GMCS e pela Rede de Bibliotecas Escolares)

ISBN:978-989-8600-42-4 (impresso) / 978-989-8600-41-7 (eBook)

“Media literacy, understood as “the ability to access the media, to understand and to critically assess the different aspects of the media and its contents and to create communications in various contexts” (European Union Commission Recommendation of 20 August 2009), is currently considered an essential way for citizens to a more inclusive society. The way the media nowadays inhabit everyday life,
creates new forms of leisure and entertainment and provides new ways of working, studying,
to know the world, to communicate, to establish intersubjective relationships and to be informed and
informed Such changes, as well as those occur in the media environment, make it learn to read and critically analyze these means, their uses and appropriations and the knowledge to create, produce and share content”.