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O Governo em notícia – análise dos 100 primeiros dias do XXI Governo Constitucional

Felisbela Lopes (Ed.)

2016 | Braga: CECS Edição eletrónica


“The challenge was imposed in a Specialized Journalism Course that integrates the module of Political Journalism. Crossing the XXI Constitutional Government the first 100 days of governance and presenting its Prime Minister with a purpose to change the political cycle, was very tempting to follow in the footsteps of the rulers through what the media reflected. The best way for this was the Portuguese general press, edited to the daily rhythm, for easy access to the material, for allowing a calm look at the contents produced. the mediation that the daily newspapers made in the first 100 days of governance, a time that is always symbolic to create a mark of what you want to be there, would be a work developed in a shared way”. [Introductory note].