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Olhares Cruzados sobre Comunicação na Saúde: relatório de um debate

Sandra Marinho, Felisbela Lopes, Teresa Ruão, Zara Pinto-Coelho & Luciana Fernandes (Org.)

2013 | Braga: CECS


“Health in general, and illnesses in particular, are a topic that has motivated growing attention in the field of journalism. They occupy a substantial space in the media sphere and have a remarkable impact on those who constitute themselves as sources of information and audiences of these texts. However, we know very little about their news production process and about how information sources organize and perceive what is being published. Mainly in Portuguese territory. A group of researchers from the Department of Communication Sciences of the University of Minho is, since 2010, developing a project that selects ‘disease in news’ as the object of study. In this text, we propose to explain in more detail this project, stopping with some detail in the motivations that led us to develop this work, in the objectives that guide our analysis and in the methodological options that we are taking on permanently. It is, of course, an investigation with many limitations and several points to be improved. Therefore, this project “The Disease in News” continues in development”.