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Passagens na vida urbana

Helena Pires & Zara Pinto-Coelho

2021 | CECS - UMinho


Wandering or roaming through the city, without a clear purpose or destination, is a methodological exercise that places the researcher in what is called the place of the flâneur, the place of the one who, wandering through the streets, observes and records the details, objects and routines of everyday urban life. In this way, ambiences are experienced, routes are taken, spaces are revisited, conversations are created, and relationships are cultivated. We call this type of exercise a strolling exercise. An experience of a slow time that encourages other ways of enjoying urban life, one that is made of time to be and to spend, the pleasure of appreciating each object and detail and collecting fragments and concrete images of urban life to re-contextualize them in different ways.