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Communication Policies: Hybridisms and Opacities

Mariana Lameiras & Helena Sousa

2024 | UMinho Editora | CECS


As climate crises and conflicts converge on European soil, the way societies communicate is no longer a mere social construct but a matter of survival. In this context, citizens, as the rightful choosers of their leaders, require robust and dependable foundations to make informed decisions on governance and navigate their daily lives, thereby contributing to the creation of a sustainable world. Public authorities, irrespective of their current level of internationalisation or tribalisation, bear tangible responsibilities in shaping national media systems. This book aims to explore some of the key strategic areas of public action in Portugal in eight chapters while also acknowledging the pivotal role of citizens in shaping and implementing these policies. The specific objectives are to:

• Identify the primary political trends within the framework of communication and the media in Portugal (and Europe) over the past decade;
• Investigate the principal mechanisms of self-regulation and external regulation within various media and communication professions;
• Analyse the dynamic between media and society, with a particular focus on the mechanisms involved in democratic (re)construction;
• Assess the genuine influence of public institutions in shaping/reshaping a media system that ensures essential communication foundations for dignified and peaceful human coexistence;
• Provide theoretical and methodological resources that can foster new forms of activism and citizen engagement in Portugal, Europe and globally.

Titled Políticas da Comunicação: Hibridismos e Opacidades (Communication Policies: Hybridity and Opacities), this book is intended to be the first part of a trilogy focusing on key themes aligned with the research and intervention efforts of PolObs — Observatory on Science, Communication and Culture Policies within the Communication and Society Research Center.