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Science and Language Policies, Scientific Publication and Academic Rankings

Moisés de Lemos Martins & Helena Pires

2023 | CECS | Editora UMinho


The scientific field has remarkably developed in the past half-century. In Portugal, the intensification of research activities in all areas has predominantly occurred within the past two decades. Despite the notable increase in scientific outcomes, the current science policies raise concerns indicating the need for a profound reflection on the strategic choices made by decision-making and management institutions. Today, inadequate funding, quality standards, and overreliance on metrics, evaluation systems and rankings pose challenges that require public discussion. So do the hegemony of English as the language of knowledge production, the prevalence of empirical models over theory and critical thinking, and the career horizons of researchers. Políticas de Ciência e da Língua, Publicação Científica e Rankings Académicos (Science and Language Policies, Scientific Publication and Academic Rankings) compiles contributions from a discussion that occurred in 2021, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the Communication and Society Research Centre. This debate aimed to identify and critically analyse the issues surrounding these topics. It is, therefore, an invitation to engage in a restless and thought-provoking reading exploring the (mis)routes of science.