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Publi-cidade e comunicação visual urbana

Helena Pires & Francisco Mesquita

2018 | CECS - UMinho


“From the urban art and the fashion (Francisco Mesquita and Madeleine Müller), to the urban art in its relationship with the (Ana Melo), to the implications of the new technologies in the urban advertising landscape (Eduardo Zilles Borba, Marcelo Zuffo and Francisco Mesquita), and by the creative strategies of strategic communication, calling the values ​​of participation and citizenship to public practices in the urban space (Pedro Andrade) and perceptions about transformations in the public space (Paulo Ribeiro Cardoso and Teresa Cerquinho da Fonseca), expressed in the context of an exploratory interview (Felipe Zamara), there are multiple contributions and looks which are juxtaposed here, composing rhythms of analysis, observation and reflection syncopated with each other.
Motivated by the challenge launched in the framework of the Advertising Working Group of Sopcom (Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences), with the aim of publishing a topic that is particularly relevant today, the editors, in their dual capacity as coordinators of the Group, that the readings left here are to the liking of everyone who works, studies, teaches and investigates in the areas of advertising and urban visual communication!”[Introductory note]