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Representações e Práticas de Género

Zara Pinto-Coelho, Moisés de Lemos Martins, Manuel Baptista & Sara Maia (Eds.)

2015 | Braga: CECS Edição impressa e eletrónica

ISBN:978-989-8600-35-6 (e-book) / 978-989-8600-45-5 (impresso)

About the book

Gender is a part of daily activities, occurring in different interpersonal or public contexts, and the discourses that occur there. In this sense, it is always represented and put into practice in context. The patterns of these mundane activities have implications for the construction of the self, of identities and social relations, which are often taken for granted and therefore need careful consideration.

This book has contributions from an international group of researchers from social and human sciences, emphasizes representations and practices of gender in education, science, public health, literature, media and prisons, with the Brazilian realities deserving particular attention. Gender regimes are questioned in school education and in the choice of scientific and professional pathways; Homophobic violence in education; The morals of pleasure, of happiness and of disgust; The regulation of motherhood, parenthood and adolescence, and the intersection of gender with race and sexuality.