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Science and knowledge: policies and discourses

Moisés de Lemos Martins, Maria Manuel Baptista, Emília Araújo & Larissa Latif (Eds.)

vol.3 n.2 - 2015/2016 | CECS-UMinho/UAveiro


LatifScientific knowledge is one of the main keys for human and social development. In this context, science policies are vital for affirmation of societies at the present time and in the future. Therefore, these policies assume a public value because they are reflected in the quality of political decision-making and the living conditions of citizens (Neal, Smith & McCormick, 2008).
Manifold changing processes have been shaping the recent era, primarily linked to development of the knowledge society. Examples include the following: productive sec-tors are experiencing various reconfigurations; there is an exponential increase in the use of information and communication technologies; new business activities are emerging; the organisation of work as well as of working times are being changed; new social and environmental risks and problems are emerging. [Introductory note]