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Sustentabilidade da Mediação Social: processos e práticas

Ana Maria Costa e Silva, Maria de Lurdes Carvalho & Lia Raquel Oliveira (Eds.)

2016 | Braga: CECS

ISBN:978-989-8600-53-0 (ebook) / 978-989-8600-54-7 (impresso)

Social mediation is currently recognized and implemented in several countries on different continents as a procedure for positive and peaceful conflict management and as a mode of social regulation. In contemporary European countries, it is an innovative modality of social intervention and territorial development, adapted to the new contexts: precariousness and poverty, social desfiliations, difficulties of access to public goods and institutions, social tensions stemming from gender, cultural and religious differences and ethnic groups.

The importance and expansion of social mediation demand from professionals and training and research institutions greater responsibility and attention, in order to make the practices visible, to frame them and to base them theoretically and methodologically.

The texts that make up this eBook offer a theoretical-epistemological, methodological and praxiological clipping, making it possible to visualize the emergence and development of an important and expanding socio-professional area and open the debate on the essential transversality between action, training and research produced and in progress, favoring communication and collaborative work among the different actors who work the Social Mediation. The contributions of the various authors – professionals, students, teachers and researchers – offer and (re) launch diverse and complementary perspectives on Social Mediation as an area of intervention, training and research.