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Sustainability and decarbonisation: practical challenges

Emília Araújo, Márcia Silva & Rita Ribeiro

2020 | CECS - UMinho

ISBN:978-989-8600-91-2 (print) | 978-989-8600-90-5 (online)

“The promotion of sustainability is at the heart of the UN’s goals for the millennium. For this purpose to become a reality, namely with regard to the decarbonisation and adoption of sustainable practices, it is necessary to increase scientific culture and promote public participation in science and technology, involving populations in the diagnosis and definition of good practices and behavioral change.

It is also imperative to generate reflexivity on various challenges that are imposed today on territories and their futures, in face of complex ongoing processes, linked to globalization, climate change, migration and digitalization, which produce different phenomena that affect well-being populations now and in the future, in areas as diverse as food, health, housing and transport.

In this sense, this publication aims to achieve two main objectives:
• gather contributions that allow to know ongoing projects that, from a multidisciplinary perspective, contribute to sustainability and decarbonization;
• make known methodologies and practical recommendations, both to institutions and to the public in general, on the adoption of sustainable policies and behaviors ” [Introductory note].