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Sound textures: the acoustic face of culture

Madalena Oliveira, Pedro Portela & Eduardo Vicente

5(1), 2018 | CECS - UMinho

ISSN:2183-0886 // ISSN: 2184-0458

“By focusing on the sound textures of culture, this volume of the Revista Lusófona de Estudos Culturais/Lusophone Journal of Cultural Studies attempts to integrate a set of theoretical and empirical contributions to reflect on the sound experience and the expressive power of sound. The relation of acoustic languages to identity and memory; the complementarity between image and sound; the imaginative power of sound; the specific sonorities of different cultures, such as accents and music; the aesthetic production of sound; and the role media, and radio in particular, should play for the promotion of active listening are the topics that, directly or indirectly, the texts of this edition explore.
Grouped into three thematic sections, the nine articles integrated in this volume do not exhaust the energy that the act of listening encompasses whenever we use more than our corporal capacity to ear. We do not talk about acoustic ergonomics or sound museology, we do not listen to the sound of brands or the sound identity of products, and we do not tune in to radio narratives or rescue sounds at risk. From the fields of architecture, music, art, cinema, communication and journalism, however, we have assembled some of the arguments regarding why it is also important to speak of a culture of listening and why to be able to do so, we may need to develop certain specific skills that enable us to identify a way of sharing in sound”. [Introductory note]