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TransArts, expanded art and new languages

Helena Pires & Zara Pinto-Coelho

2021 | CECS

ISBN:ISBN digital: 978-989-9074-02-6 | ISBN impresso: 978-989-9074-03-3

Today, we witness an unprecedented elasticity in the world of arts, the most daring experimentalism of new techniques, new languages, practices and processes that challenge the pre-established disciplinary limits, with unexpected effects. Art and nature, art and life, art and non-art juxtapose, intertwine and elide one another. Understanding and discerning the transformations that contemporary art has undergone, namely transdisciplinarity, requires a broader vision, extrapolating and thus framing the artistic world’s interpretation. More than a combination, what distinguishes transdisciplinarity is the attitude, approach and need to venture beyond the limits of the starting discipline and back to something singular, unique. This book reflects the interstitial contemporary art and contributes to broadening the horizons of the debate on the limits of the essence of art and life.