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Viver em|a mobilidade: rumo a novas culturas de tempo, espaço e distância. Livro de atas

Emília Araújo, Rita Ribeiro, Pedro Andrade & Rosalina Costa

2018 | CECS - UMinho


“This book brings together some of the contributions presented at the seminar “Living in Mobility: Towards New Cultures of Time, Space and Distance”, which took place at the University of Minho from November 10 to 11, 2016, in partnership with the Municipality. The seminar was attended by researchers from a variety of scientific fields, including Anthropology, Sociology, Geography and Engineering. The seminar embraced the project of placing on the agenda of the discussion subjects that are currently taking shape within the scope of the political action carried out by public authorities, in particular by local authorities, addressing the vast problem of mobility”. [Introductory note]