CECS and UMinho Editora

CECS and UMinho Editora

CECS and UMinho Editora

CECS UMinho Editora signed a publishing cooperation agreement to promote the dissemination of knowledge based on an open access policy and environmental sustainability. The agreement furthers a commitment to digital publishing, in line with the mission and editorial policy of CECS.

The agreement establishes responsibilities and duties for both institutions.

UMinho Editora is, among other tasks, responsible for:

– the maintenance and operation of the publishing platform;
– the management of the editorial process;
– the final approval of the publication;
– the approval of cover design and layout;
– publishing the books on the Publisher’s platform and other digital publishing platforms (such as Google Play) where it is available;
– the promotion and dissemination of the books.

CECS is committed, among other responsibilities, to:

– providing an initial assessment of the proposal’s eligibility;
– managing the peer review process;
– drafting of the publication decision proposals;
– execution of the cover design proposal;
– promoting and disseminating the books.

To submit publication proposals, authors or editors must fill in a form provided by UMinho Editora, in its editorial management platform.

The evaluation process of the proposals submitted for dual-label publication will be developed according to the process defined in the UMinho Editora Regulations. CECS editors are responsible for forwarding proposals to peer review and for preparing a proposal of the editorial decision for UMinho Editora’s final validation.

Once the decision to publish is taken and the draft publishing contract is accepted, the editing, pagination and publication process is initiated with the support of the UMinho Editora platform.

The promotion of the publications is a shared responsibility between UMinho Editora and CECS.